DEAR BELLA I think Im obsessed with changing my skin colour

first_imgShareTweetSharePinBella,I find myself wanting to change my skin tone. I am black but somehow I always think light skinned people look better than us black girls.I don’t want to be white but a lighter shade is what I am looking for. So I started using a bleaching cream and I am not sure if it became an obsession but the lighter I become the lighter I want to be.Light skin women get the best looking men. They get by easier in life.  People in Dominica even have more respect for them. It’s like when you see a light skinned person you just know they are important.I notice, however, there’s a different shade between my face and neck and that worries me.Also, whenever I decide to give the cream a break, my dark shade comes back.I want to continue to look lighter but I don’t want to use the cream forever. Can you give advice? BleachingHello Bleaching,It seems to me that your problem is more mental than physical.You have convinced yourself that light skinned people are more important than those of colour.Even if that’s what the world would like us to believe, history has proven over and over again that this is not so at all.Now, about the complications associated with your skin pigmentation, if you decide to continue or discontinue the bleaching cream, it is something I suggest you speak to a dermatologist about.You may also want to talk to someone about your state of mind because that seems to be an issue.People bleach everyday for whatever reasons. Take into consideration however, that there may be long term side effects that could negatively impact your health. BestBella Have a problem? Write to Dear Bella at Dear Bella is published every Monday. All letters are subject to editing and the editor has the right to not publish an article if it does not meet the company’s editorial standards. Also, the advice given is not necessarily expert advice and is basically an opinion, therefore we accept no liability that results from giving any opinion. As such we encourage you to seek the advice of a professional counselor.last_img

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