Hidden Donkey Kong 64 Coin Discovered After 17 Years

first_img Donkey Kong 64 is one of the most popular and beloved Nintendo 64 games ever released. You’d assume that every one of its secrets would have been discovered during the 17 years it has been out. However, a dedicated speed runner has managed to discover a hidden coin that no one knew about.For those who don’t know, the coins in Donkey Kong 64 can be used to buy upgrades. Rainbow coins add five coins to the inventory slot of the Kongs. Until now, it was believed that the game had a total of 976 coins. Thanks to speed runner Isotarge, we now know that it has 977.The hidden coin is found in the Fungi Forest level. The reason the coin hasn’t been discovered until now is because the game’s fifth level is covered in tall grass. Rainbow coins are hidden underneath dirt patches. To get a rainbow coin, players have to use a slam attack on the patches. However, because of the aforementioned tall grass, it is impossible to see the dirt patch on the ground.977 coins total now 🙂 pic.twitter.com/s6VYXGesck— Isotarge (@Isotarge) January 28, 2017Isotarge looked at the way Donkey Kong 64 formats its save data and found something odd. They looked at the flags in Fungi Forest and saw that the information for the rainbow coin wasn’t complete. Isotarge used analysis tools in order to find the dirt patch and discover the long-hidden coin.The discovery of this coin will have a great impact on future speed runs of the game. Those who try to get 100% during a speed run will now have to account for this coin. In fact, this discovery has now effectively made previous 100% runs invalid. This is certainly a bummer for anyone who has done a DK64 100% speed run. However, it should give speedrunners an incentive to try set new records while playing the game. Stay on target The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Diddy KongThe Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: King K. Rool last_img read more

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