Next Xbox console arrives 2015 according to design sketch

first_imgThere are two questions that always come up when I get asked about the next Xbox console. The first is when it will arrive? and the second is what will Microsoft call it?On the question of a name, the best two guesses are the Xbox 720 or the Xbox Next. Neither of which are fantastic, but then I’m sure Microsoft will surprise everyone with a motion-control inspired name. As for the release date, we may actually have some idea of what Microsoft has planned due to a design sketch posted by one Ben Peterson.You can see the sketch above which shows very little. But it’s the text that accompanies it that makes the case for a console release timeframe. Ben describes the project as a confidential collaboration with Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. It also mentions user experiences and hardware for a 2015 product, and carries the title “Microsoft Xbox”.This is a new project for Ben as it is marked as being carried out in March of this year. So the reference to Xbox must be for a new machine, not the existing one. While we can assume it’s a brand new console, it could instead be another Kinect-like peripheral device for the 360.With the Xbox 360 appearing on the market in 2005, a 2015 follow-up would give the current console a 10-year lifecycle–something Sony always strives for with its games hardware. If that’s the case then the 360 still has a good few years left in it yet, a fact that is sure to make developers worried about moving to yet another new platform relax a little.Read more at ZDNet and Ben Peterson’s websiteMatthew’s OpinionIs it really going to be another 4 years before Microsoft replaces the Xbox 360? If the Kinect hadn’t appeared I would have said no way, but the emphasis now does seem to be on extending the life of the existing hardware.The 360 is by no means an underpowered or struggling piece of hardware. It can handle HD graphics which is ideal for the TVs we all increasingly own, and developers will continue to find performance as they tweak and perfect their engines. We also see the best games from a console in its last few years, so having a few more of them actually works in the favor of game quality.The only thing that could trigger Microsoft to launch a new console before 2015 is if they hear Sony is releasing PS4 sooner. Microsoft do not want to come to market second, but then Sony isn’t about to rush out a new console.last_img read more

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