McPixel becomes first Steam Greenlight title

first_imgOne of the highest honors in the independent gaming community has been bestowed to the pixilated puzzle game McPixel — it has been selected as the very first entry in the Steam Greenlight program. The initiative is aimed at giving small developers a chance to get their game on the wildly popular digital distribution platform owned by Valve.McPixel is a game in which players find themselves in various predicaments and then must use a number of in-game tools to solve puzzles. If they don’t find a way out of the situation, stuff blows up. It’s as simple as that. The game is available for $4.99 on Steam.This is the era of the independent developer. Thanks largely to the boom in smartphone apps, where there is a frictionless way to get content available to millions of users, gamers are able to access all kinds of unique and captivating games that would never have been able to see the light of day just five or six years ago.It isn’t just in the mobile space, though. Thanks to downloadable platforms gaining more traction on every console and the PC, independent titles are “the new black,” as they say. Valve says it has received hundreds of game submissions, and more are pouring in every day.Earlier this month, Valve announced 10 titles that would be launched on Steam as a result of the program. In addition to McPixel, titles like Black Mesa, Cry of Fear, Project Zomboid, Heroes & Generals, Towns, Dream, and No More Room in Hell are coming out soon.via Steamlast_img read more

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