Wild Planets Spy Gear Security Scanner Teach Your Children Patdowns in Your

first_imgIf you want to prepare your children for their next TSA checkpoint, Wild Planet has just the thing. The company’s Spy Gear series includes the Security Scanner, a handheld metal detector that’s not for finding loose change on the beach, but instead for finding hidden weapons in your pants.The Security Scanner acts just like a real security wand, beeping when it moves over metal. Of course, it’s not nearly as sensitive (though a dial lets you adjust the sensitivity), but it’s surprisingly functional. The Scanner found belt buckles, glasses, loose change, and even metal implants with ease. The box really says it all. A happy child holding his shirt open for a security officer with one hand, raising his hand in a high-five with the other. It’s like a Hot Wheels commercial directed by Josef Stalin. Wild Planet’s Spy Gear line isn’t all unsettling security role-playing toys. They actually have some pretty fun gadgets, like the Spy Video TRAKR, a remote-control car with a digital camera built into the car itself and a screen and speaker built into the controller. Not only does it let you see where your car is going, but you can record videos and take photos through the car. They didn’t have toys like this when I was growing up.last_img read more

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