Prepared by FFWPU Hungary

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU Hungary Anniversary of True Father’s ascension to HeavenSince True Father passed to the Spirit World every year we offered a public event to commemorate his life lived for God and humanity. This time in Budapest, Benczur Hotel blessed families, ambassadors for peace, friends and guests (about 170 all together) came together to express their gratitude and love towards True Parents. The motto of the event was: “True Parent – True Teacher – True Owner”. The event was done by the cooperation of the three Abrahamic faiths and the great help of AFPs. As part of the event we showed a video introducing True Parents’ life for God and humanity. There was a “water ceremony” which expressed the desire for unity and respect to all faiths and cultures. True Parents’ words were red on five selected topics, as conscience, original mind, meaning of education, family is the target for salvation and human responsibility. Also the audience had a chance to taste the Korean culture through traditional dance, music and tale. The Korean Cultural Center in Budapest for our event provided traditional clothes Hanbok for the lady who offered dances. Also several brochures, books and materials translated into Hungarian were offered by the Institute to introduce Korea. In the end one of our AFP and her Trio offered a little concert and after that little refreshments were served to all.Blessing Ceremony25th of August the city leader couple of Pecs, Sandor and Agnes Sos could bless three new couples as a result of their witnessing activity. The members of the Pecs community were helping and supporting in unity to carry out the event. The national leader couple were officiating the Blessing ceremony. This blessing ceremony was a good end to conclude the 5th 40 Day national level cheongsong condition.Celebration of Chil Il Jeol and Chil Pal JeolThe Hungarian Blessed Families and some of their friends came together in the FFWPU Centers around the country and celebrated the victory of God and True Parents who pioneered the path towards the Purpose of Creation and finally brought a firm settlement in God’s restoration work. Watching again the video record about True Parents’ tearful prayer offered at 1997.07.07. many of us were moved by the heart and love of True Parents!PEACE ROAD 2018This year in Kaposvar city we could organize Peace Road event. There was a running race with more than 20 teams. The race was 252 km to be completed. Our peace road team had six members who also completed 252 km. Each runners in the team completed 3 times 14 Km in rotation within 20 hours. And finally the PR Team got the 3rd prize among more than 20 teams.Education of youth and children in our communities:The second half of summer continued to offer several possibilities to our youth and children to learn about God, True Parents and themselves as well. The HU-HARP had 5 days workshop for age 13+ in our Training Center, Pecs. The main focus of the workshop was how to create REAL relationships.The Sunday school teachers organized children’s camp as well for the kids age between 7-13. The motto of the camp was: “Peace starts with us”. The children had several lectures, guided games, funs, outing and much more. Nearby 60 children came together to learn about the value of being a blessed children and understand more who True Parents are.This summer nearby 20 youth and few adults went to Cheong Pyeong Training center to connect and learn about the culture of Hyo jeong. Some of them attended the Seonghwa Student WS, five of them participated in GTG WS and few went for CPL WS and Blessing Ceremony.Media coverage on True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary and Peace BlessingRight after the Blessing event in Korea four on-line portals reported in Hungary about it. As usually they had not so nice approach, cynical and disrespectful expressions. Our newly set up Media Department immediately responded on them and asked the editorial offices to change and re-publish their writings according our request. And miraculously all accepted our requests and re-published them! We were very happy and grateful to God and Heaven for this unbelievable development.Other activities:Inter-Faith Conference where our national leader was representing and introducing the True Parents’ teachingAFPs offered a musical evening in the Peace EmbassyLife in the Communitieslast_img read more

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