Kiggins Theatres latest Science on Tap to explore love sex and technology

first_imgSex robots are here to stay.If you want to keep your browser history free of “sex robot” searches, the newest installment of Kiggins Theatre’s Science on Tap will answer some questions for you. The 7 p.m. Wednesday discussion, titled “Sex, Relationships and Technology,” addresses sex robots, online dating and how technology is impacting romantic relationships.Kris Gowen, a sexuality educator and co-founder of the sex education consulting group Beyond the Talk, will lead the event. Gowen is the author of “Sexual Decisions: The Ultimate Teen Guide.”Gowen said the majority of her discussion will focus on the psychology around online dating decision-making, as well as the evolving technology of sex robots.“People are advancing robot technology in all sorts of domains, and whether people choose to use it or not in a sexual way is up to them,” Gowen said.“It’s not a matter of ‘is it here?’ or ‘will it be developed or not?’ ” she said. “It’s going to be developed, so it’s just a matter of, how are robots going to be integrated into our daily lives, whether they are in a sexual way or in other ways. This is how the future is unfolding, and it’s a good idea to just learn about it and have your own ideas and form opinions about how you’re going to use these technologies or not moving forward.”last_img read more

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