‘Islam Is Under Siege’

first_imgThe Muslim community in Liberia has finally broken its silence, openly venting its anger at Muslim terrorists who it says continue to hold the world hostage for their selfish interests.According to the Acting Chief Imam of Liberia, Ali Krayee, some unscrupulous individuals are deliberately smearing the image of Islam. He claimed that these groups of individuals are doing far more harm to the world than good.“There are attempts by some individuals to deliberately smear the image of Islam. We are also not ignorant of some defiant elements that claim to be Muslims but are doing far more harm than anyone else, in the name of the religion.”Imam Krayee indicated that these terrorist-oriented Muslims are doing so much harm that it has become difficult to distinguish the authentic Islam and the Islam of the media. “Islam is a religion under siege and we have to ask ourselves again and again what is happening?”Imam Krayee made these assertions when he officially launched the first ever National Imam Council of Liberia (NICOL) nationwide Dawah (Evangelism) and training program. The ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Marvii Sonii School campus in Clara Town.Let us not forget as we watch on our television screens and monitor the radio and read the newspapers, how on a daily basis we come across violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam, said the Imam.This is not Islam“Oh Yes! We condemn terrorism and we say, in a louder tone, that this is not Islam. The Quran says he who makes one person to live as though he is saving the entire mankind and at the same time kills one innocent person is like he has killed the entire human race.“So we strongly condemn all acts of terrorism in the world because such acts do not preach peace as the Quran does,” the Muslim clergyman declared.“Islam is indeed under siege. It is under the siege of people who claim to belong to it, but are doing great disservice to the religion. Islam is under siege by those who believe that the future of the world belongs to a place where God should be absent.“So the challenge we have today is enormous,” Imam Krayee continued, telling his fellow Imams gathered in their numbers, “We have to work hand in hand to correct the moral decay that our society is currently experiencing. We are to ensure that Islam obtains its rightful place in the society.”This is the first time in recent memory that an Islamic leader has spoken out against the terrorist activities of Islamic groups around the world, notably the Boko Haram in Nigeria and Cameroon, the murder of over a hundred children in Pakistan and the recent attack on the French satirical magazine in Paris, killing 12 persons in the magazine’s office.The Daily Observer has frequently called on Liberian Muslims to speak out one way or the other on these atrocities inflicted by innocent people in the name of Islam.  At last, Imam Krayee, Liberia’s acting chief imam, has spoken.  Peaceful Co-existenceAccording to Imam Krayee,  “Liberia bears witness to the truest Islam—a religion that preaches peace and peaceful co-existence.  It is our responsibility to work hard and make sure that the people of the country learn to know and respect Islam,” he said.Imam Krayee, who is of the Krahn tribe, reminded his audience that violence in the name of religion did not start with Islam.Christianity’s own history of violence“As we bear witness to these facts, terrorism perpetrated by “so-called Muslims”, let us not also forget that violence in the name of religion did not begin with Islam and it has not become the preoccupation of those who call themselves Muslims.”He cited the Jerusalem massacre of 1089, carried out by the Crusaders from Europe to redeem the City from Muslems.  In this, millions of Muslims perished, perpetrated by people who belonged to the Christian faith, conducting a war under the banner of the cross.He also spoke of the First and Second World Wars in which over sixty million perished. These wars, he noted, were waged by people who called themselves Christians and believed in Jesus Chris as their Lord and Savior.He spoke of the Rwandan genocide in which thousands of people were killed in a predominantly Catholic country.  TheLord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda are raping and killing countless numbers of women and children.He finally named what he considered the greatest crime in human history, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, when millions of black people were forcibly taken from their homeland and de-humanized in difficult circumstances. This, Imam Krayee noted, was carried out by people who believed in the Bible.Imam Krayee brilliantly outlined these condemnable actions in history by people notably of the Christian religion. But he did not say that these actions carried out by Christians were done in the name of their religion, as it is being done in the name of Islam today.  This is the question on which he did not enlighten his audience.The National Imam Council of Liberia was established in 1995 and is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary early next month, February.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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