This Japanese Telephone Backpack Is Super EyeCatching and Trendy

first_img Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo say “No” to Net Neutrality, wan…Get in home wake-up calls with the Telephone Alarm Clock Stay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Think about your favorite purse or bag. What’s it look like? Why is it your favorite? Is it a classic that goes with anything, or is it something clever and fun? No matter what it is, it’s probably neither as clever or fun as this purse/backpack, which is modeled after a Japanese public telephone. It’s amassed quite the following in Japan, and it looks like it’d fly off the shelves if it happened to be mass produced.Twitter denizen Yu Ogasawara, Japanese leatherworker and woodcrafter, made the creation, but this is hardly the first time something she’s made has captured the attention of the public like this. It looks exactly like a downsized version of the actual public telephone, but it’s totally wearable, made out of durable genuine leather and built to look totally awesome and striking wherever you go.このタグにぴったりかと思いまして…実寸大公衆電話型リュックサック「こうきゅうでんわ」#女の価値を決めるバッグ— おがさわらゆう(他の作品も見て!) (@yutoyou_yty) April 10, 2018You can use it as a regular backpack, with the handset portion of the bag featuring enough space that it could store pencils and pens. The front panel is a nice little storage compartment for all your important things, with a smaller pocket inside for your phone and other items you want to keep safe. If you use headphones a lot with the bag, you can even pull the headphones cord through the coinslot.Best of all, the bag feels like a real phone booth. You can push the buttons, use the handset, and attach it back to the backpack which is held there by a pretty strong magnet. Of course, it’s not a functional phone, but there could probably be Bluetooth capabilities added to it to make it behave like one. That would be totally sick.What do you think of the awesome public phone bag? Would you rock it walking around the streets of your city?last_img read more

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