A Ton of New Funko Toys Were Just Announced

first_img If you’re a Funko Pop Vinyl toy collector, you’re probably rich and/or have a whole lot of shelves and display place. Lucky you. For the rest of us with extremely limited space in general but an enormous love for all things Funko, we’re a little screwed yet elated with the fact that the company just announced what seems like a zillion new toys during the UK Toy Fair. We can hardly keep up with what we already know about, let alone a whole new set of figures!And yet, we’re going to collect them all, because there’s a whole lot of awesome coming in these upcoming series. Twin Peaks, Parks and Recreation, Nicktoons, and more. If you have a favorite character, you’ll probably be able to pick up a Pop Vinyl toy based on it, and it’s about time Twin Peaks joins the fold.There are six Parks and Recreations toys, including Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer, and Li’l Sebastian. These are regular plastic Pop Vinyl figures.Power Rangers get a plush version of their monster-busting selves, with the Green, Yellow, Pink, White, Blue, Black, and Red Rangers available as little cuddly toys.The Nicktoons set is culled straight from the ‘90s, with Catdog, Oblina, Crumm, Ickus, Tommy, Reptar, and Chuckie to choose from.The 100, Alias, Lord of the Rings, Space Jam, Ghost in the Shell, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Teen Wolf, and Mr. Robot also receive a set of regular Vinyl figures for hardcore fans to enjoy. Batman: The Animated Series and DC TV Universe will see a mystery mini-series of blind bag releases from Supergirl and on.But that’s not all — the Twin Peaks cast (including the Log Lady) will see its own line of figures, including Overwatch and even a set of Mass Effect Andromeda characters, just in time for the launch of the upcoming game.You can check out all of the proposed figures in the gallery we’ve put together for you, but be forewarned — there’s going to be a lot here to take in. Is your wallet and your home ready? There’s a whole lot of Pop Vinyl going on.View as: One Page Slides1. The 100: Octavia Blake2. Gears of War: Oscar Diaz3. Mass Effect Andromeda: Peebee4. Ghost in the Shell: Major5. Ratatouille: Remy6. Space Jam: Taz7. Twin Peaks: Log Lady8. Tekken: King9. Nicktoons: Catdog10. Overwatch: Mei11. Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Blonde12. Parks and Rec: April Ludgate13. LOTR: Frodo Baggins14. Batman Animated Series: Catwoman15. Mr. Robot: Darlene Alderson16. MST3K: Crow T Robot17. Alias: Sydney Bristow18. Death Note: Ryuk Toy Tuesday: The Most Fatal ‘Mortal Kombat’ ToysToy Tuesday: The Best Funko Pops Stay on targetlast_img read more

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