Carabinerequipped LED flashlight means no more smartphone illumination

first_imgThe beauty of using a cellphone as a flashlight is that you always have it on you. The same can’t be said for something like a Mag-Lite as it just isn’t practical to carry something so large around all the time. There are multiple downsides to phone-based light though, the foremost being that they just don’t project a lot of light. Then there is also the factor of battery life… plus if your phone dies then you aren’t just out of like, you can’t make calls either. Enter ICON, a company that has focused on designing high-powered miniature light sources that also convey a bit of geek-cred to those who wear them.Pictured above is the ICON Link, which retails for around $27.99 at places like Radio Shack and Home Depot. Built to be rugged and portable, the Link can attach to a belt loop using a built-in carabiner, making it easy to access it when needed. It’s not a load-bearing ‘biner, so don’t expect to go climbing with this thing, but it will ensure that your flashlight stays where you clip it.Inside the aluminum body is a high-intensity, power-regulated LED that never needs replacing (according to the company, but they probably mean it won’t need to be replaced for a very long time) that is powered by a single AA battery. Both the power switch and the lens have waterproofing that allow this unit to be dropped into three feet of water for over a nhour without damage. Two different intensity levels are available with the Link, a high intensity beam that will chew through the battery in about three hours, and a less powerful option that will give 70 hours of life.There is a pretty wide gap between the two modes as the high setting has a brightness of 50 lumens, with the alternate setting coming in at just 6. That is a lot of power for a light that only weighs 3.1 ounces.As mentioned above, you can get the Link in major retail stores, or online of course. It not only looks like a cool gadget, but it could be a fun gift for the Everyday Carry (EDC) geek in your life.More at ICONlast_img read more

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