Japanese table to know the sex of your baby according to your birthday and that of your partner

first_imgThis Japanese table can predict the sex of your babyThat said, although its effectiveness is not confirmed by science, there is no doubt that it is a method that can be used to check whether it is a myth or something that works. Through a simple table we can know the sex of the new family member and, for this, we only need two data: the mother’s birthday month and the father’s birthday month.Its use is very simple: in the vertical columns we find the month of the mother and in the horizontal rows the month of the father. All you have to do is place yourself in the box where they intersect and keep the remaining number. Image: ViralPlusBelow we find a table with twelve numbers and another column with the months of the year. All you have to do is join the number you obtained in the previous table and then move to the row of the month in which the little one was conceived (or vice versa) to predict their sex. Of course, in addition to being a method that can be used by all those couples who want to know the sex of their baby before having access to that information, you can also check if this way of predicting it works by joining the birthdays of your parents. Both medicine and science have evolved fast enough to be able to discover the gender of babies at three or four months of pregnancy. But despite the fact that for now we cannot program and choose the sex of our next child, there is a Japanese table with hundreds of years that allows us, at least, to plan or intuit what their gender will be.Although this Japanese table is surprisingly accurate, it is not 100% reliable. In case you are interested in accurately finding your baby’s sex, it is worth saying that the best thing you can do is consult your gynecologist: there are several tests that experts in this area can perform to determine their gender. Although surprisingly accurate, it is not 100% reliableWe can know the gender of the baby by joining parents’ birthdayscenter_img Image: iStocklast_img read more

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