Fig Leaf Underwear Promises to Fight TSA Invasion

first_imgRemember the Flying Pasties? Consider this a decidedly more…Old Testament take on that concept. A Colorado-based inventor is selling fig leaf underwear, which use a form of powdered metal to shield your junk from prying TSA security cameras.The underwear, which is currently available through, promises to conform to the wearer’s body, meaning that it’s tough to hide anything (other than what god gave you) beneath their leady sanctuary. The powdered metal in the inserts, which is made up of a mixture of tungsten and other metals, won’t set off the metal detector.Of course, back when we told you about the aforementioned Flying Pasties, we quoted a TSA spokesperson, who said, “any item that appears to be an anomaly during advanced imaging technology screening will require additional screening,” meaning that donning a pair of these biblical-styled briefs many actually require a closer inspection than walking through a scanner without them.AdChoices广告last_img read more

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