6 Toys for Motor Skill Development–Part 2 Holiday Gift Guide 2015

first_img2. Pancake Pile-Up! $19.99Ages 4+Overview:In the exciting game of Pancake Pile-Up, children have fun pretend-working in a diner.  They help customers by racing the other servers to the grill, relay-style, to stack and serve the pile of pancakes matching their menu cards.Benefits:Develops gross motor skills, balance, and coordinationTeaches sequencing, a basic math skillEncourages social skills from teamwork to being a good sport Fun and physical–great energy outlet!3. Puppet-on-a-Stick, $26.99Ages 4+Overview:Puppets-on-a-Stick inspire imaginative play with colorful durable puppets!  While the name hints at a simple toy, it is actually an award winning product.  The original, award-winning trio features: Lex (Orange), Kai (Green), and Fez (Purple)!  Children will have fun with this trio creating puppet shows, YouTube videos, and more.Benefits:Encourages self-expressionInspires peer interactions while boosting confidence and self-esteemInspires dramatic and creative playDevelops communication skills4. Space Spinners Game, $24.99Ages 6+Overview:“It’s not rocket science–it’s centrifugal force!”  In this frantically-paced space race, players spin their saucers fast enough to lift and transport their fuel balls from the launch pad to the Mother Ship.Benefits:Develops hand-eye coordinationEnhances fine motor skillsIntroduces scientific concept of centrifugal forceFun for the whole family!5. Crazy Cereal Electronic Game, $24.99Ages 4+Overview: Crazy Cereal is a new electronic game where two players grab a spoon and watch the scoop of the spoon magically change colors!  Then, they will have fun digging into a cereal-bowl and scoop up pieces of that color.  If it flashes quickly, the player has to pick up any 2 pieces simultaneously.  This game is fast paced and whoever collects the most cereal pieces wins!Benefits:Practice color recognitionBuild fine motor skillsDevelops hand-eye coordinationPromotes sportsmanship and social skillsGame components can also be used for pretend play6. Playfoam Classic 4-Pack, $4.99Ages 3+Overview:Searching for a more tactile toy for your kiddo?  Playfoam offers just that!  Children will have loads of fun squishing, squashing, and shaping the Playfoam–and starting all over again!  Since the formula never dries out, the creativity never ends!Benefits:Develops visual artistic talentEncourages creative playGreat sensory learning toolNon-toxicEasy to store and clean upToday’s toy ideas were brought to you by Educational Insights.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related6 Toy Ideas to Encourage Language–Part 3: Holiday Gift Guide 2015December 2, 2015In “Products and Devices”Top 10 Tips for Buying Toys for Kids with Special Needs (and toy recommendations)December 3, 2014In “Products and Devices”Safe Toys and Gifts for the HolidaysDecember 21, 2016In “Autism” Last Wednesday, I wrote Part One of the series of blogs entitled Holiday Gift Guide 2015 featuring 8 auditory gift ideas.  As promised, throughout the next few weeks, I will be providing different lists of gift ideas for loved ones with (or without!) special needs.  This week’s list focuses on toys to help develop fine and gross motor skills.Since we live in such a connected world where a majority of our time is spent staring at screens, I wanted to provide affordable toy options to help get the kiddos away from screens!  I hope these lists help reduce your stress this holiday season so you can enjoy the holidays!  And just in case you were wondering…36 days until Christmas!6 Holiday Gift Ideas $30 and Under:Motor Skill Development1. Shelby’s Snack Shack Game, $21.99Ages 4+ Overview:Shelby the adorable pug took a day trip to the beach.  While on her trip, she buried bones in the sand and needs your help gathering them!  In this number counting game, children will have fun taking turns using the Shelby Squeezer to fill their dog bowl with bones.  Whoever digs up the most bones wins!Benefits:Exercises fine motor skills and hand-eye coordinationVisual lesson in number recognition, counting, and basic adding and subtractingSimple to play and understandQuick, fun game that can be played over and over in short time spanEasy setup and cleanuplast_img read more

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