Red Hot Nickel Ball takes on ballistic gelatin and sugar wins handily

first_imgWhat do you get when you mix extreme heat, a small nickel sphere, and a variety of objects? It turns out you get one of the best video series in all of YouTube, the Red Hot Nickel Ball (RHNB). The videos consist of a man we should all be envious of using a blowtorch to heat a ball of nickel until it’s red hot. He then drops it (carefully) onto whatever object or substance his audience wants. In the past he’s experimented on styrofoam, dry ice, and honey. The newest RHNB videos take on ballistic gelatin and sugar, with unexpected results.Nickel melts at 1455°C (2651°F) so the RHNB isn’t quite that toasty, but it’s close enough to be glowing hot. The high density of nickel also makes it better for melting through solid objects — a lighter metal might roll off too easily. Of course, nickel is also pretty cheap at just a few dollars per pound. Who knew you could have so much fun for so little cash?The first video pits the RHNB against ballistic gelatin. Ballistic gelatin isn’t a substance you encounter in the home, unlike most of the victims in RHNB videos. This substance is a scientific testing medium created to mimic the properties of pig muscle tissue. Why pigs? Well, they turn out to have very similar muscle tissue to humans. So, what you see in this video is essentially what would happen if the RHNB came after you. Oh, and the sound it makes! Turn those speakers on.So, the RHNB would make quick work of any fleshy object it came into contact with, and the pellet gun wouldn’t feel good either.Up next, we have a few different kinds of sugar, beginning with regular granulated. It turns out granulated sugar instantly melts and starts boiling as it throws out tiny globules of molten carbon. After retrieving the trusty RHNB, it’s on to confectioner’s sugar, which catches fire but contains the heat much better than its granulated counterpart. Brown sugar is a mix of the two — it liquefies and boils like granulated sugar, but generates the big flames of confectioner’s sugar.If you had plans, you might want to move some things around so you can consume everything on the RHNB channel. It’s all great.last_img read more

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