As Security Council hears update of Iraq arms probe UN monitors continue

According to a UN spokesman in Baghdad, the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) sought a private interview with a senior Iraqi scientist yesterday evening. “The scientist showed up for the appointment alone but declined to be interviewed under the UNMOVIC format,” said Hiro Ueki. “The interview therefore did not proceed.”Meanwhile, an UNMOVIC chemical team continued the process of destroying mustard from the artillery shells and containers. “Its main activity today was to take samples to determine if mustard reacted to the extent expected,” Mr. Ueki said. “Preliminary results show that the destruction process has been successful so far.”Approximately 50 kilometres outside of Baghdad, an UNMOVIC biological team performed an aerial inspection of the Chemical Corps School. Two other biological teams visited four sites – recently declared by Iraq – in and around the capital.Yesterday, a Mosul-based multidisciplinary team carried out a preliminary inspection of the Hadr Ammunition Storage Facility, an army storage site and that primarily contains all types of small arms and artillery munitions over an area of 100 square kilometres. The team inspected a number of selected bunkers and warehouses, Mr. Ueki reported. read more

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