Blaine Katz suffered multiple injuries died of stab wound to aorta

A forensic pathologist counted a total of 32 injuries on Blaine Katz’s body but just one — a stab wound to the back — that caused his death.Many of the injuries were scratches, scrapes and bruises Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra defined as either having happened some time prior to the fatal attack on the 39-year-old or around the time of death but being non-life-threatening or minor. During an autopsy on Aug. 15, 2017 — three days after Katz’s death — Balachandra also observed several marks caused by a sharp object, including some cuts and scratches.By far the most severe injury was the stab wound to the back that punctured Katz’s aorta. Testifying by video from Edmonton, the forensic pathologist said the wound would have caused fast and extensive blood loss.“That caused his death,” Balachandra said.A number of the other injuries, he testified, could have been the result of blunt-force trauma, whether from falls or an assault by a person, possibly with an object. While he noted many of the injuries had not yet begun the healing process — meaning they occurred at or around the time of death — he was unable to pinpoint precisely when they occurred, providing an outside window of as long as 18 hours.Balachandra was the final witness for the Crown in the case against 46-year-old Gerald Earl McDormand, accused of manslaughter in Katz’s death. McDormand and Steven Paul St. Pierre were originally charged with second-degree murder, but St. Pierre later pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Prior to the trial beginning, McDormand’s charge was downgraded as well.After the Crown closed its case, McDormand’s lawyers Jeff Deagle and Brady Knight said the defence will not be calling evidence.Closing arguments are set to be heard on Monday afternoon. Justice Meghan McCreary said she will reserve her decision after that. A date for the return of her decision will be set next week.During the trial, Crown prosecutors Adam Breker and David Belanger called numerous civilian, police, EMS and expert witnesses, each speaking to an incident that unfolded at a downtown apartment building on the night of Aug. 12, 2017.Court heard police were called to 2105 Cornwall St. at about 11:30 p.m. on that date after Katz’s body was found in the main stairway. Investigators spoke to a variety of witnesses, including two who said they were at the building at the time of the fatal attack and overheard it.One of those witnesses testified he was doing his laundry when he heard a shriek from upstairs. A woman who was a friend of Katz testified she arranged a meeting between him and McDormand in relation to an issue McDormand had with Katz over a debt or bad drugs. She said she hid in a bedroom closet where she overheard the fatal assault.While McDormand didn’t take the stand, court heard from him through a videotaped statement he gave police. In it, he denied playing a role in Katz’s [email protected]/LPHeatherP read more

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